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[Guide] Epic VI Knight Guide

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Re: [Guide] Epic VI Knight Guide

Postby arrethyn » February 15th, 2010, 7:57 pm

I'd like to add a note on a very specialized build, that being vit/agi. Note before anyone immediately dismisses this post as being nonsense let me say that this is not for everyone, and probably not even for the majority. However it has its uses

-Higher damage mitigation than any other build, If you can get the damage you take down to minimum damage either through pdef (gear/buffs) or patk debuffs then there are only two ways to reduce the damage you take further: dodging and blocking.

-you lose out on 6 strength stones, so 6*2*(amount of strength stones at your lvl gives) patk.
-due to this gaining and keeping agro can be more difficult
-the effectiveness of this build begins to be drastically reduced against mobs more than 4 lvls above you.
-this build is specialized for tanking large numbers of white mobs at once, something that rarely happens now a days except for soulseeker room.

Conclusion: Highly specialized build that is built on the premise that damage you don't take is not only damage the healer doesn't have to heal, but threat the healers heals don't generate, thus benefiting most when you have 3-4+ mobs on you.

If anyone thinks this build is pure insanity please try it out, at least for the specified situations before you dismiss it. I originally got this idea from a knight on lydian server named slicetank, who was fairly widely considered to be one of the best knights on the server and healers would line up to dp with him. Think of what knights truly excel at, soldiers can tank one or two mobs at a time. knights are for big rooms and tanking crowds of mobs.
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tryst46 wrote:I sincerely apologise if that makes my DM tougher than yours but I guess it just means Eve Online taught me about tanking too well.
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Re: [Guide] Epic VI Knight Guide

Postby healsbythedozen » February 28th, 2010, 12:56 am

Very nice guide!

I vote for a sticky, if it doesnt have one yet!

You didn't mention using a wolf as a pet by the way.

maybe that's me, but I really like wolves. The evasion untiy isn't the best, nor are their belt stats, but it's dd capability is almost equal to that of an orc and it's 1 hit skill + debuff, debuffs p.acc, which is, combined with it's unity, a very nice thing. Also when there are sirens in the party, your evasion will be very helpfull.

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Re: [Guide] Epic VI Knight Guide

Postby seelowe » February 28th, 2010, 1:17 am

pretty good young padawan. I didn't read all of it but I read the key points and it is a nice write up. especially since we didn't have a similar one on the general forums and my own is restricted to guildies ;)

seeing that you were on lydian I assume you are now on fenrir.
if you have any questions about tanking/tactics in different dungeons as you level up drop me a line. we are on the same server and it needs some knights, that know what they are doing.
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Re: [Guide] Epic VI Knight Guide

Postby kittymag » March 2nd, 2010, 10:09 pm

*with the new change to dungeon mob HP, i'm assuming there will be some minor change in strategy for a knight to tank, assuming everything else the same? i dunno, hope someone can comment on that just for completion's sake. (ex: harder to keep aggro due to increase damage output gap over the same mob? mob no longer die in half a sec and thus everything get slower pace? etc...)

@ seelowe: Unfortunately, I have not get on rappelz since... a while ago. I havent been on the new merged server yet, i have only ever made it to lvl 100. there are people who know me, but i dont think most of the veterans on lydian seen me tank yet since they are soo high up there :P and i assume u r one of them also, its a shame that i wont be able to meet u on the same server. maybe if i come back in game one day.

@ cyrcyry: yeah i did not include all and everything in here, i nvr included a Naga, WD, or even RP and Harpies, because, will...this guide is aim to give a general sense of the most commonly accepted ways of tanking as a knight, and arguably effective. By no means am i saying that the things listed in the guide is the ONLY way to tank or to even play a knight. Plus, players get to do whatever they want ^____^

@ arrethyn: sure, i nvr tests it, but i guess it could be valid build given the right situation and stuff. If you want it to be include in the guide, let me know.

@ blackmarketrula: yes those cards can certainly be very very useful. Especially in PvP. However, my point of choosing the specific set of cards i lists are for 2 main reasons: 1) tank, they give the most benefit in terms of general tanking, SMP are not use often during a good, fast pace DP. 2) trying to only list a few, and keep it few, so people can actually prioritize, no point in listing half the skills and say go get all of them! :P
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