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Rappelz Controls & Commands

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Rappelz Controls & Commands

Postby dantiell » May 27th, 2008, 1:06 pm

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
    • Controls
      1. Mouse
      2. Keyboard
    • Controls Tab
      1. Basic
      2. Creature
      3. Community
    • Additional Party Commands
      • Guild/Alliance Commands
        1. Guild
        2. Alliance
      • Time Attack & Siege Commands

      Courtesy of flidais, this is a list of important controls & commands for Rappelz. Some commands that require you to have another player selected will also work if you instead type the player's name after the command. Be sure to separate the command & the player's name with a space. This can be useful when a specific player is too far away to be targeted.


      Rappelz is primarily a mouse-based 'point-&-click' style game. Below is a brief explanation of what the mouse buttons do.
        Left Mouse Button: Use to move your character & to interact with creatures, NPC's, Players, etc...
        Right Mouse Button: Hold down to move your camera.
        Mouse Wheel: Zooms your camera in & out.

      Most keyboard functions can be discovered by hovering over an icon for a desired action. The details of many icons will provide an associated keyboard button combination. Here is a list of the most common functions & associated key combo's.

      Inventory Tab: Press Alt+I.
        View or equip items. Access the Item Box & Combination Tab.
      Skill Tab: Press Alt+S.
        Spend Job Points & view skills .
      Quest Log: Press Alt+Q.
        View Quests (click a quest & click 'Details' for more info).
      Creature Formation Tab: Press Alt+Y.
        Place pet cards into this tab to make them summonable.
      Creature Information Tab: Press Alt+R.
        View pets in formation (double-click to view a pet's details).
      Control Tab: Press Alt+T.
        View a list common actions.
      Character Tab: Press Alt+A or Alt+C.
        Shows your character's details & stats.
      Messenger Tab: Press Alt+F.
        Lists friends, guild members, & people you're ignoring.
      Guild Tab: Press Alt+G.
        Lists guild info, members, & guild management tools.
      Help Tab: Press Alt+H.
        Provides a basic walk-through for many FAQ's.
      System Tab: Press Alt+Z.
        You can view options, goto character screen, or quit.
      World Map: Press Alt+M.
        View the entire continent or zoom in to see where you are.
      Action Keys: Use F1 through F12.
        Drag skills, controls, or items to the action bar & use the associated F key.

      Controls Tab Alt+T
      This tab can be viewed in-game via the command in blue letters above. This section is a break-down of the commands that are available on this tab. There are 4 categories: Basic, Creature, Community, & Emotion. Emotions are not covered in this section. Please refer to the in-game tab for them.


      Select Target: Left-click a target.
        Selects a target.
      Attack/Interact: Select a target & left-click target again.
        Attacks an enemy, interacts with friendly targets.
      Sit/Stand: Type /sit or /stand.
        Sit to increase HP/MP regeneration. Stand to move.
      Pick up: Must be dragged into action bar (F1 through F12)
        Picks up nearby items on the ground.
      Assist: Type /assist.
        Targets a selected party member's target.
      PK Mode: Type /pkon to activate or /pkoff to de-activate.
        Enables the ability to attack & kill other players.
      Walk/Run: Type /walk or /run.
        Changes movement speed.
      Mount/Dismount: Type /ride or /leave
        Get on or off a mountable beast bought from Adventure Guides.

      Creature Attack: Press Alt+Left-click a target.
        Commands your pet to attack.
      Attack with Creature: Press Ctrl+Left-click a target.
        Selects a target.
      Creature Follow: Press Esc 3 times consecutively.
        Commands your pet to follow you.

      Trade: Select a target & type /trade.
        Requests to trade with a target.
      Combine: Type /union.
        Opens a window where you can combine items.
      Store: Type /shop.
        Opens a private store.
      Organize a Party: Type /pcreate **name**.
        Creates a party with a name of your choice.
      Invite to the Party: Select a target and type /pinvite.
        Invites your target to your party.

      Additional Party Commands
      Aside from the 2 commands covered in the Control Tab, this section explains 4 more important party commands. After a party is created, everyone will see a party tab that displays the party name & details of everyone in the party. To the right of the party name is a gray icon resembling [>]. Clicking this icon will allow you to do the following commands without typing them.

      Promote to Leader: Select a target and type /ppromote.
        Promotes target to party leader.
      Kick from Party: Select a target and type /pkick.
        Kicks target from party.
      Leave Party: Type /pleave.
        Exits your character from the party.
      Destroy Party: Type /pdestroy.
        Causes your party to disband.

      Guild/Alliance Commands
      The following section provides commands for actions that cannot be taken care of by a Guild Official. Currently, Guild Officials are whom you need to see in order to create guilds, create alliances, & increase the capacity of your alliance.


      Open Guild Tab: Type /gopen or press Alt+G.
        This is where you see guild info, member, & add icons.
      Invite to Guild: Select a target & type /ginvite.
        Invites target to guild.
      Promote to Leader: Select a target & type /gpromote.
        Hands over to your target leadership control of guild.
      Destroy Guild: Type /gdestroy.
        Causes your Guild to disband.
      Kick from Guild: Select a target & type /gkick.
        Expels a player from your guild.
      Leave Guild: Type /gleave.
        Causes you to exit the guild.


      Invite to Alliance: Select a target & type /gainvite.
        Invites target to alliance.
      Promote to Leader: Select a target & type /gapromote.
        Hands over to your target leadership control of alliance.
      Destroy Alliance: Type /gadestroy.
        Causes your Alliance to disband.
      Kick from Alliance: Select a target & type /gakick.
        Expels a guild from your alliance.
      Leave Alliance: Type /galeave.
        Causes you to exit the Alliance.

      Time Attack & Siege Commands
      In this last section, the commands required to perform Time Attacks & Sieges are outlined. Time Attacks are available between Monday & Thursday. The fastest guilds qualify for sieges on Saturday & Sunday. Commands for TA's & Sieges are identical. Use the regular party commands to invite/kick regular siege party members.

      Create Siege Party: Type /screate **name**.
        Creates a TA/Siege party with a name of your choice.
      Invite as a Siege Party Leader: Select Target & type /sinvite_gp.
        Creates another party with selected member as leader.
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