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[PSA] GameGuard Issues

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[PSA] GameGuard Issues

Postby servedbyrinoa » April 18th, 2013, 6:15 am

If you are having an issue with GameGuard please attempt the following:

- Delete your GameGuard folder while not in Rappelz, then launch the game again. This fixes the issue on most cases.

- If your game client is old (veteran players having a game client never reinstalled since Onslaught), please try to reinstall the game using our Rappelz Epic 8.1 client that can be found here: The 8.1 game client will then update, and with it GameGuard too, fixing the issue.

- It is possible that your antivirus sees GameGuard as a "false positive", blocking it. You can create an exception for GameGuard. To do that, please check your antivirus documentation.

If you still have an error with GameGuard, running the game under normal circumstances (sandboxes, virtual machines are not supported), please zip you GameGuard folder and upload it to a hosting service, then send the URL to the zipfile to our Customer Support. It will help us determinate the cause of the issue.

Update 07/02/2013 (edit by Neightril):
-If you try to run Rappelz on an unlicensed operating system, GameGuard might detect this as a potential threat, as the code could have been altered.
-Please also note that the Rappelz client should not be modified in any way to be recognized as safe. The only modifications allowed are made through our official updates.
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